Finnsheep DK


Finnsheep DK


Limited edition yarn for Fall/Winter 2018! Our new Finnsheep DK yarn is here!

This new DK weight yarn is available in natural black (a warm brown black) or tweedy natural gray.

Finnsheep or Finnish Landrace sheep are related to the more commonly known Shetland or Icelandic sheep, with short tails, colorful fleeces, and very friendly personalities! Their wool is generally classified as a medium wool, although we breed for finer fleeces. The wool has a somewhat silky hand, a bit of a natural sheen, and is available in a range of colors, from white, black, brown, and anything in between. This is truly a great all purpose wool, soft enough for next to skin wear, but sturdy enough to hold up to everyday farm wear.

There is a bit of vegetable matter in the yarn, a reminder that these animals romp around in diverse species pastures and that our processor does not use harsh chemicals in making this yarn.

Each skein is:

  • 240 yards, 100 grams

  • 100% Finnsheep Wool

  • Undyed, natural color in natural black or natural gray

  • 3 ply construction

  • Grown on our farm in Puyallup, Washington

  • Milled by Abundant Earth Fiber, Whidbey Island, WA.

Washington state residents will be charged 6.5% sales tax.

Patterns that would be a great match for this yarn:

Doocot by Kate Davies

Braidsmaid by Martina Behm

Beeswax Hat by Amy van de Laar

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