about the farm

food + fibers

Local Color Farm and Fiber grows food, flowers, and fiber. Our newly relocated farm in the lush Puyallup River Valley in the South Sound of Washington is excited to be growing fresh vegetables, heritage breed lamb, and naturally dyed fibers for your family.


We believe in the synergy of a plant and animal farm and in small scale agriculture. We provide fertility for our produce and flowers using compost generated by our animals, extensive cover cropping, and organic fertilizer. Our sheep are rotated throughout our pastures and cover crops for the health of the land and the animals. Our flower field and natural dye plants provide lots of food for beneficial insects. Everything is grown without synthetic pesticides and chemicals. The result is an amazing diversity of vegetables and grass fed lamb and fibers for our community! We are proud to be a small farm, allowing us to touch each step of the process.

One of our most unique products are our naturally dyed yarns and fibers. We grow a wide range of natural dyes suitable for our region to dye our own Finnsheep farm yarns and other domestically grown and spun yarns from the American West.

Natural dyes are an agricultural product! Our colors shift year to year and season to season and reflect the changes in each year. Each dye lot is unique so be sure to purchase enough for your whole project at once. If you need a large quantity, please drop us an email and we can make it happen!


About us:

Emily arrived to farming via urban gardening and architecture. Brian enjoys raising rabbits and designing public schools. We are first generation farmers from the East Coast and Midwest who fell in love in Houston, Texas and then the Pacific Northwest.

Emily originally established the farm on Bainbridge Island in 2013 on multiple plots before they were able to settle in the Puyallup River Valley in 2018. We are excited to be growing this farm and to keep this land in agriculture for another generation.