Angora Shearing

affabilityLast week, the rabbits got their seasonal haircut! Both Affability (the white doe, above) and Steamroller (a chesnut agouti buck, below) are German Angora Rabbits and need haircuts every 90 days.In general there are three types of angora rabbits: the English, French, and German. English and French angoras are generally plucked (combed) to harvest their fiber, but Germans must be sheared.shearingsteamrollerIt takes me about a morning to shear each rabbit. Angoras are very efficient wool producers! These rabbits easily produce over a pound of prime wool each year, quite a feat for a rabbit! In addition, the wool is wonderfully soft and warm; even a laceweight angora cowl will keep you toasty warm! Germans also have a friendly temperament and are easy to handle. They are generally easy to groom and care for and make wonderful fiber companions for those without room for the larger fiber creatures.

angora bagsSo far, I have had the angora blended by Taylored Fibers with our Finnsheep fleeces to create lovely rovings and batts (which will be for sale online soon!)

We also have some straight angora for sale (see above). We may also stockpile a couple of shearing worth of fiber and send it to a mill to be spun into yarn! We plan on mating Steamroller and Affability this spring and hope to have some baby rabbits soon.

Some more info on German Angoras can be found on the IAGARB (International Association of German Angora Rabbit Breeders) website here.