Joining a CSA is a commitment. It is literally shaking the hand that feeds you. Knowing your farmer makes eating a special experience! It is ok if it does not fit your lifestyle and there are other ways of supporting your local farmer!

Before committing to our CSA, answer these questions:

Emily, your farmer.

Emily, your farmer.

do you want to support a farmer?

CSA members commit to sticking with our farm for the whole growing season. Farming is inherently risky. Mother Nature can bring scorching temperature, floods, or swarms of pests. Sometimes there are crop failures and other times there are bumper crops. CSA members embrace this reality everyday.

Their motivation for supporting the farm is just as much about having the back of the farmer as it is about getting the full financial value of their share.

As farmers, we will try to cultivate our relationship with you. We will get to know each of our members and create community between all of us eaters. We will teach you how to prepare our veggies and answer any questions about our growing practices.

This relationship experience is a huge part of a CSA membership.


Are you willing to try new foods & be open with meal planning?

In our CSA, you will be introduced to new veggies and we will teach you how to prepare them. It is one of our great joys to grow and show members the huge diversity of vegetables that are out there! Learning to cook seasonally and being flexible with your weekly meal planning is important. New veggies will liven up your regular menus and hopefully bring new recipes into your life. Our CSA works well for people who enjoy cooking and the creativity that comes with it.


do you value taste and quality in your veggies?

Everything is available all of the time these days at grocery stores. However, we know our seasonally grown produce is hands down the best in terms of flavor and nutrition. Because it is all locally grown by us, everything will be days, if not weeks fresher than anything you can get at the grocery store! Past CSA members compare our peak season tomatoes to the tomatoes that they had years ago from their grandparents’ garden. Our veggies taste amazing because they are grown with care in quality soil. CSA members appreciate and value the taste and quality of their veggies.


Are you looking for a “deal?”

People who fully embrace the CSA model don’t look for their membership to be a “deal” or a bargain. It is absolutely fine to compare prices or ask “how much does it cost”. However, CSA members know its not just about comparing the price of each item in your box to the price at the grocery store. Each item in your share conveys the story of our farm, how it grew, and showcases your story with food.

Our CSA is more than getting a “deal” and is not comparable to a grocery store shopping experience.


do you want to eat more veggies?

The USDA recommends each adult consume 2-6 cups of veggies daily. We can all eat more veggies! Joining our CSA is an easy way to start eating a more plant based diet. Invest in your health this year and eat the CSA way! It can initially be tricky if you aren’t used to eating this many veggies and there will be weeks that you simply can’t finish the whole box. It can sometimes feel like you’re “failing” at your original goal to change the way you eat, but remember: eating more vegetables, even if it’s just with ranch, is already a win. However, your cooking and eating habits change to eating the CSA way and we are excited to help you with tips and tricks all season.